Sail ho! 

I can see a ship flyin’ th’ Jolly Roger on th’ horizon. 

This here means Pirate day be jus’ aroun’ th’ corner. Savvy!? 

’tis time t’ reckon about dressin’ yer kiddos in tharrr best gentleman o’ fortune attire.

I’ll warrant ye. Th’ adventures await the minnows durin’ this here special day o’ games, booty ‘unts, ‘n more. 

So, let’s strike our colors, and get ready t’ set sails. Pirate Day be on September 16 at FrenchAm. 


Corinne Arnout

Corinne Arnout

Corinne Arnout is the Headmaster and Chief Education Officer of the FrenchAm Schools. She can be reached at (480) 681-6100 or by email.

Patrice Arnout

Patrice Arnout

Patrice Arnout is the School Administrator and IT person. Any questions related to access/login to the PIC should be addressed to Patrice.

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