Pirate Day

Sail ho!  I can see a ship flyin’ th’ Jolly Roger on th’ horizon.  This here means Pirate day be jus’ aroun’ th’ corner. Savvy!?  ’tis time t’ reckon about dressin’ yer kiddos in tharrr best gentleman o’ fortune attire. I’ll warrant ye. Th’ adventures await the minnows durin’ this here special day o’ games, booty […]


The learning loss caused by the pandemic has affected students throughout Arizona and across the entire United States.  One of the best ways to ensure your child catches up or stays on pace with their learning – in all areas – is to read with them every day.  For younger children, reading together has tremendous benefits […]

Homework, Agendas, & Folders

As I mentioned in my note to all families explaining Friday support, students will begin having homework over the weekend and on occasion during the week.  This is to support their learning as well as learning loss experienced during the pandemic.  Please remember to check your child’s agenda (except Kindergarten) and their folders every day […]

Uniform Grace Period Ending

The grace period for uniforms has ended.  All students need to be in the correct uniform with closed-toed and closed-heeled shoes to attend school.   If you have problems with uniform delivery, please contact us.  If you still have questions about the uniforms, please visit the PIC to read the Uniform Policy.  We often get questions re: the […]

Friday Support

Earlier this year the Arizona Department of Education adopted new rules regarding instructional time in accordance with the passing of Arizona HB 2862. These new rules were designed to allow schools flexibility in addressing learning loss and circumstances created by the COVID-19 pandemic. To address this, FrenchAm Academy is adding additional instructional time for students […]

After School

As we notified you over the summer, we will not be offering After Care this year. There are two local daycare centers that have said they will offer pickup and drop-off before and after care. Their info is available in the Parent Orientation Webinar. 

Parent Orientation Webinars

We highly encourage everyone to view our Parent Orientation webinars, available on the PIC. They go over a lot of important information and can answer a lot of the questions we have been receiving. 

Face Covering

Our mask policy follows current AZ law and MCDPH recommendations, so wearing a mask at FrenchAm is optional and up to the individual to maintain. The policy is outlined in our COVID-19 Mitigation Plan and details were discussed in the Parent Orientation meetings. You can view all of that in the PIC. 

Policy Updates

The FrenchAm Academy Governing Board created a brand new Parent Handbook which has a lot of great information for you, along with updates to our other policies and procedures. The Handbook & these policies along with our 2021-2022 COVID-19 Mitigation Plan are available in the PIC. 

Lost & Found

There is a basket in the Front Lobby for items that are collected throughout the day. If your child is missing something, please check the Lost and Found basket before or after school.