Souriez, c’est la rentrée!

“La Rentrée” (la ra(n) tray) in French generally means back-to-school or the start of the new school year (la rentrée scolaire). In France, this is a big deal. Major sectors of the country close down for the months of July or August, so September is not only back-to-school for children, but it is back-to-work for many French people, including writers, journalists and politicians. In the U.S., back-to-school is a season lasting several weeks; depending on the school or location, the start date of a new school year varies. In France, it is the same day for all children.

Papa: Lucien. Où est ton bulletin scolaire?  Lucien: Ah, ça? Je l’ai prêté à Alex pour qu’il fasse peur à son père!

(Papa: Lucien, where is your report card?  Lucien: Oh, that? I lent it to Alex so he can scare his father!)



(Photo: Honey Creek School, Beloit, Kansas from