September 1st: End of “le Roi-Soleil”

France’s King Louis XIV, known as the “Sun King” (le Roi-Soleil) or “Louis the Great” (Louis le Grand), had the longest reign of any European monarch: 72 years (1643-1715). He became king before the age of 5 and started actively ruling in his 20’s, without a chief minister. He directly ruled France and was an absolute monarch. As one of France’s greatest kings, he was responsible for many governmental, artistic and architectural achievements including the famous Chateau of Versailles that he converted into his royal palace. He died on September 1st, 1715.

“Il est sans comparaison plus facile de faire ce qu’on est, que d’imiter ce qu’on n’est pas.”-Louis XIV

(“It is without comparison easier to do what you are, than to imitate what you are not.“)



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