Joining the French American School of Arizona is not only joining a great school. It is also joining what we like to call the FrenchAm Family.

Now, school is a very important time in the children’s life, but there are also many other things that they and their parents enjoy doing together. Things like having a tea party with mom, spending time with dad carving pumpkins, and much more.

At the French American School of Arizona we have reserved special moments for such activities.

During the school year we will also create special events and activities for children and parents. Here are just a few examples.

  • Halloween Party – For children only. This party will be held during the school day on campus. Costume contest, parades, and a lot of fun.
  • Pumpkin Festival – A special night for families to come in costume and enjoy outdoor activities, contests, food, and a movie under the stars.
  • Thanksgiving Feast Potluck – A potluck for parents, children and staff to enjoy an evening of good food, good friends in November. We will supply the turkey for all participants.
  • Christmas Performance – This special day is for children, parents and family guests. The children will perform on stage. Of course… Santa is invited.
  • Mardi Gras – This is a fun day for all. Children should have fun coming dressed as pirates, super heroes or princesses. King Cake will be served.
  • Graduation Day – This is a very important day. Children will perform receive their diplomas. Caps and gowns are available a few weeks prior to graduation day.
  • Graduation Barbecue – This is our All American Barbecue just following the Graduation ceremony.
  • Officer Tom – Tempe Police Department officers come on campus and spend time teaching children about basic safety rules at home, at school or anywhere else.
  • Fire Fighters on Campus – Tempe Fire Fighters come and visit the children on campus. They will teach the kids about fire safety, pool safety (seasonal), and explain a lot of fun things. They will come with their big red truck and may be… use the sirens a little.
  • Spirit Week – Spirit week usually happens in March and count days like Crazy Hair Day, Mardi Gras, Fanspiffy Day, Pajama Day and Backwards Day.
  • International Potluck – This is a very important event for all at FrenchAm. We love discovering all the flavors of the world.
  • Family Reunions – We have 4 family reunions per year. It is always a great time for parents to get together.
  • Poker Night – A fun fundraising night where you can compete against the best poker players of the Valley and work on your ultimate Poker Face.

Besides these events, we well also organize things like la Semaine des Couleurs (A week of colors), la Semaine du Gout (A tasty week) and other fun activities for the children and the parents too.