At work

The French American School of Arizona’s La Grande Ecole welcomes children from Kindergarten through Elementary (Grande Section de Maternelle – CM2).

At FrenchAm, we teach your children how to think, not how to take a test.  Our programs focus on critical thinking, reasoning, creativity, accountability, and collaboration with others.

Our curriculum has been developed both in French and English to comply with the American syllabus and the French academic program.  The French American School of Arizona places a strong emphasis on the acquisition of both English and French vocabulary.

How much time is spent working in each language?

Kindergarten is conducted in French, with reading instruction in English conducted 3 hours/week.  Elementary classes are conducted 50% in French and 50% in English so that students may progress equally in both languages.  Upon completion of Elementary, students will be able to speak, read, understand, and write in both languages.

Are subjects taught in small groups or traditional instructor-led to large group?

All subjects are conducted in groups as well as on an individual basis. Age-appropriate methods and techniques are used for both the French and English programs. The children have the opportunity to collaborate within their own age group as well as interact with children of varying ages to learn and grow. The programs used are focused on building general knowledge and language skills and awakening creativity in the child.

How is the curriculum organized?

Curriculum is based on monthly themes focusing on the different cycles of the year, animal kingdom, countries and people of the world, local events and exhibitions. This allows the children to learn things that are both familiar to them and their family as well as learn more about the world in which they live. Children are encouraged to be active learners and appreciate the rich environment around them.

What arts programs do you employ during class?


During art and craft activities, children can give free rein to their imagination and creativity. For projects based on a specific theme, the children are guided and coached by the teacher. Music, dance, or drama help the children in learning self-esteem and communication skills.

What physical education or free play time is offered?

Physical activities also play a very important role in the evolution and education of the children. Children in La Grande Ecole receive a minimum of two periods of play each day, typically outdoors when weather permits, as well as organized sports instruction with our Sports Coach one day per week. Our coach helps the children learn teamwork, fitness, and physical awareness through a variety of games and activities such as running, jumping, pulling, throwing, and catching. Free play as well as organized activities are incorporated.

Does the school offer learning opportunities outside of classroom instruction?

Field trips to local areas of interest serve to expand on knowledge gained in the classroom, and outside guests are often invited to share important concepts with the children. Topics such as safety (Fire, Police), special trades (how bread is made, why I should brush my teeth), Arizona wildlife, and history are incorporated into the curriculum and field experiences. After school programs in the art, music, chess, theater, and sport are also offered.