The Mission of the French American School of Arizona is to provide children, from an early age, the opportunity to learn a new language and also be exposed to a different culture. We seek to enable the children to develop their knowledge by offering a wide-range of rich and diversified experiences to experiment, explore and interact with the world around them in a cheerful, friendly and playful atmosphere.

We strive to assist families who want to engage their young children in the learning of a new language with a bicultural program tailored to their level, with an extended emphasis and support towards families seeking to raise their children in a bilingual Franco-American culture.

The French American School of Arizona is committed to excellence and providing the best tools and environment to the children so they can build the foundation for a solid education. We want to help the children develop self confidence, self esteem, respect for others and stimulate initiative and leadership that will ultimately enable them to make sound choices for their future.

The programs of the French American School of Arizona are taught in English and French. They strictly adhere to both standards of education of the State of Arizona and the French academic programs.

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