Have you ever wondered how French animals speak?

In English we know that a cat goes “meow”, a dog goes “woof!” and a cow goes “moo.” Onomatopoeia is a word that represents the sound that something makes. Here is a list of how the language of certain animals is described in French:

Le chat (cat) = miaou

Le chien (dog) = ouaf

Le canari (canary) = cui-cui

La vache (cow) = meuh

Le coq (rooster) = cocorico

La poule (chicken) = cotcotcot

Les poussins (baby chicks) = piou-piou

L’âne (donkey) = hi-han

Le cochon (pig) = groin-groin

Le canard (duck) = coin-coin

Le mouton (sheep) = bêh-bêh

Le dindon (turkey) = glouglou

Le lion (lion) = roah!

Le serpent (snake) = sss

Le hibou (owl) = hou-hou

La grenouille (frog) = crôa




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