What is better than sharing good food (and good wine), with friends and family?

Well, at FrenchAm, we still haven’t found anything better! That is why we organize two potluck per year: The Thanksgiving Feast Potluck, and our famous International Potluck.

Thanksgiving Feast Potluck

As it has been the tradition for three years now, FrenchAm supplies the turkeys for everybody enjoyment. It is really a Family feast for all at FrenchAm. Children, parents, grand parents, staff members and their family enjoy this wondeful yearly feast.

International Potluck

Did you know at the FrenchAm Family students come from XX countries and XX American States? Well, we can tell you that this make for a awesome International Potluck. Just like Jules Vernes took you around the world in 80 days, at FrenchAm, we do the same in 80 dishes. (Ok, may be not 80 but close enough!)

  • French Quiche. Oui! Oui!
  • Chicons au gratin from Belgium
  • Home made couscous from Morocco
  • Real Egyptian halawa
  • Persian melon salad
  • Lamb vindaloo form India
  • Lemingtons from Australia
  • Korean bulgogi beef
  • Spring rolls from China
  • Nasi goreng from Indonesia
  • Real home made guacamole to die for from Mexico
  • Shrimp bobo from Brazil
  • Tourtiere from Canada
  • Elk chili from… Queen Creek
  • Bison burgers from Montana

Now, if that does not make you hungry!