Fun French Facts

2 09, 2015

You Already Know Some French

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During the evolution of the English language from Old English to Middle English to Modern English, it was greatly influenced by the French language. Over one-third of all English words are derived from French. It is estimated that an English speaker who has not yet studied French already knows 15,000 French words. Here are a few [...]

1 09, 2015

September 1st: End of “le Roi-Soleil”

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France's King Louis XIV, known as the "Sun King" (le Roi-Soleil) or "Louis the Great" (Louis le Grand), had the longest reign of any European monarch: 72 years (1643-1715). He became king before the age of 5 and started actively ruling in his 20's, without a chief minister. He directly ruled France and was an [...]

27 08, 2015

Souriez, c’est la rentrée!

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"La Rentrée" (la ra(n) tray) in French generally means back-to-school or the start of the new school year (la rentrée scolaire). In France, this is a big deal. Major sectors of the country close down for the months of July or August, so September is not only back-to-school for children, but it is back-to-work for [...]

26 01, 2015

An apple in the tree!

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The tradition of decorating Christmas trees started in Eastern France in the 16th century (then part of Germany). Trees were then ornated with flowers and fruits (notably apples). A drought in 1858 destroyed the apple harvest, prompting a glass blower from Goetzenbruck, a Lorraine village on the Moselle, to create apple-shaped glass baubles. The practice [...]