Sandy Martinez is our Elementary English teacher. She was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland and has one older sister who lives outside of Tucson. Her father is deceased and her mother lives in Florida. She is married to her husband Ray and they have a beautiful daughter named Sophie who was born in 2005.

When she graduated from High School, there was a group trip to Paris for all of the seniors. That was when her love affair for all things French began. She has been back to France a few times and has been to other places around the globe also. She loves to travel!

She received her Bachelor of Arts degree while she was living in Baltimore. She was getting tired of all the snow, so she moved to Virginia Beach, Virginia soon after she graduated college and lived there for a number of years. She met her future husband there through mutual friends. They were married and their daughter was born in Virginia. After a few years of living there, they were looking for a change, so they moved here to Arizona!

She has always been told that she would make a good teacher, but she started her working career having various office jobs. After she got married and had her daughter, she enjoyed watching her grow and learn. Sophie was her first student. As she stayed home to be a parent to her, she re-thought her career goals and decided to go back to school to receive her teaching certificate and Master’s degree in education. It was the best decision she has ever made! Since then, she has worked in a few different schools and have learned so much through her experiences and from teaching mentors. She knows that each child is an individual and she adapts her teaching methods to help them learn. She loves watching children discover new things and seeing their pride when they master a new skill.

About Me

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