Pauline Negre is FrenchAm’s Kindergarten teacher. She was born on October 8th in Figeac, France and grew up in the town of Rodez. She studied International Business in Toulouse and at the University of Paris. After that, she worked for 3 years in Madrid, Spain. If you ask her, she’ll tell you that she speaks Spanish much better than English!

In Madrid, Pauline worked for a jewelry company before returning to France to continue her studies.  She lived in Marseille where she studied and received her Masters in International Business. Upon completion of this degree, she stayed working in Marseille for two years at a commercial export company that manufactured perfumes.

Although they went to high school together in Rodez, it wasn’t until years later that Pauline dated and eventually married her husband, Pierre, an engineer for NXP.

NXP transferred Pierre to Arizona in 2015, and the couple moved here to the US. Pauline switched careers, coming to work as an after-school caregiver here at FrenchAm when they arrived. Shortly after joining FrenchAm, there was an opening as the Kindergarten teacher and Pauline took the job. Although teaching was not her original area of study, she wanted to make the most of an opportunity she would not have had in France. She is very happy to have given it a try and is enjoying the experience.  She loves her students and we love having her as part of the FrenchAm family.

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