The French American School of Arizona was created with Corinne’s vision of an encouraging and fun place for children to learn and also a preferred choice for our faculty to work. Corinne’s passion for people is key in selecting staff and faculty she knows and trusts to be part of the “FrenchAm Family.” Click on the names to the left to learn more about the FrenchAm family.

Corinne ArnoutCorinne – Bringing over 20 years of experience working within the Franco-American educational system, Corinne is the teacher that every child loves. Dedicated, passionate and full of joy, her desire is to infuse learning with all levels of fun. She truly understands that young children learn best in an environment of happiness and has created the French American School to reflect this.

Patrice – Not just Corinne’s husband, Patrice has years of managing behind the scenes. As true partners, Patrice and Corinne have worked together to make this school a place that is buzzing with commitment and dedication. While most married couples find it a challenge to work together, Patrice and Corinne are unique in that they bring out the best in one another. This is evident in how smoothly the school runs as well as the loving environment that they have created.