Corinne Arnout is the Headmaster of The French American School of Arizona.

Corinne was born near Paris, France, where she studied childcare education.

She met her husband, Patrice, in 1988. Together they created a marketing and training company. During the 80’s, they often had the opportunity to travel around the world and the U.S.A., especially the State of Arizona. In 1988, they decided that “one day” they would move to Arizona. In 1997, that dream became a reality and they immigrated with their son, Roch.

In 1998 Corinne met Joao Bras-Jorge and helped him to create the International School of Arizona, becoming its Headmistress. A professional opportunity for Patrice called them to the cold of Utah in 2008. Corinne and Patrice found themselves missing the desert and beauty (and warmth!) of Arizona, and the couple moved back in 2009. It was at this time that the idea to create their own school was born, and thus the French American School of Arizona was established in 2010.

Corinne’s philosophy of educating children to think and live happily and successfully in the world shows in every facet of the FrenchAm experience. She believes that children learn by doing, with gentle guidance, and that a paper test is not the only measure of success. If you ask Corinne, she’ll tell you that it’s not the student’s answer that interests her as much as how they arrived at it. You feel the spirit of inclusion, learning, and fun when you walk through the doors of FrenchAm. That culture springs from Corinne’s love for children, open nature, and passion for education.

About Me

Where was I born?
I was born in Nogent sur Marne, France.

When’s my birthday?
November, 29th

How many children do I have?
I have one son named Roch. He lives in Mesa, AZ.

Do I have any pets?
Yes. I have a cat named Causette.

My Favorites

  • Blue is my favorite color
  • I want to eat chocolate everyday
  • I love dolphins. I even swam with one once.
  • I enjoy spending time scrapbooking.
  • I would have loved to meet Mother Teresa.

More Favorites

What is your favorite restaurant?
May be La Petite Maison in Scottsdale. I love fine French cuisine.

What is your favorite beverage?
I would say Apricot juice.

What is your favorite music, artist, band?
I like music in general, but Reggae is my really my favorite.

What is your favorite activity?
I like reading or simply spend time with Patrice and my son, Roch.

What is your favorite movie (or genre)?
Star Wars was a favorite for a long time, then Harry Potter came!.

What is your favorite book (or book style)?
I really enjoyed reading the Christian Jacques series: “King of Egypt.”

What is your favorite store or shopping place?
I would say Cost Plus World Market. I like Michael’s too.

What is your favorite historical era?
I love the Pharaohs era in Egypt. I must have been a very interesting time.

Another Life

Another Job
If I had not been a teacher I would have loved to be a pediatrician.

Another Place
If I was not living in Arizona, I would like to live on an island. May be in the Caribbean.

Another Time
If I was not born when I was, I would have loved to live in ancient Egypt during the Pharaohs’ time.